Driver Pay Example Based on an Annual Gross of $200,000:

- The Factoring Fee of 2% is what the Finance Company charges for funding so essentially you are receiving 98% of the Gross

- Our Carrier Service Fee is $275/week and you are charged only the weeks that you work.

So if you work 44 weeks a year that is: $275 X 44 = $12,100

Y&T verses the other Carriers:


$196,000     98% of $200,000

- 12,100      Carrier Service Fee

$183,000     Annual Pay (adjusted gross)

Other Carriers @ 30%

$200,000     Gross

- 60,000       Their Fee of 30%

$140,000      Annual Pay (adjusted gross)

With Y&T, "There is no way you can make more money driving for someone else. The only way to make more is to get your own authority and go it alone."