Owner Operators,
Welcome to
Y&T Trucking

"Yesterday and Today" Trucking

If you are reading this you're probably not happy with your current Carrier and you are checking to see what's out there. There is a lot of money in this industry and everyone has got their hand in the cookie jar - shippers, brokers, 3rd & 4th party agents, the government and yes, Carriers.

Most Carriers charge 20 - 30% of the gross or pay by the mile + fuel surcharge, either way you are lucky if you can bring home a profit at the end of the week. The difference between Y&T and these other Carriers is that we know these trucks are expensive to run and so we have created a company that places Owner Operator income as the top priority.

We offer 100% of the gross minus the following deductions:

- A 2% factoring fee the finance company charges to buy our Bills of Laden

- A Flat Fee of $275/week that we charge for our service

-Cargo & Liability insurance of $167/week

-Our drivers gross $5500 - $6500 a week

Because we are only charging a Flat Fee of $275 a week we expect our Drivers to use a Load Board to book their own loads, if you haven't done this before we can help you, it's not hard and it gives you an inside look into the freight business and a chance to learn its inner workings.

In addition, we offer a company that is 100% Owner Operators, weekly settlements, direct deposit, no hazmat, no downtime, and the flexibility to run when and where you want.

With Y&T, "There is no way you can make more money driving for someone else. The only way to make more is to get your own authority and go it alone."